Friday, October 12, 2012

Little OU Amigurumi Elephant

He's finally finished! One of my coworkers commissioned an OU colored elephant from me for his girlfriend, and I finally finished it. I looked and looked for an Ohio University pennant to put in the picture in addition to the mug, but I couldn't find one. Anyway. This is probably the third or fourth elephant I've made with this pattern, and it worked up much the same as the last ones. The only difference is that this elephant is twice the size of the others! This was unavoidable by making it speckled, but Paul is okay with it, and that's all that matters. If you'd like to see more pictures or read my Ravelry notes, just click the caption. 

I also completed one of my bulletin boards today. They aren't due until next week, but I'll be gone next Friday so I decided to get a jump on the process. What do you guys think? I'm pretty satisfied with it! 
By the way, I know how to spell Halloween. It's about safety for Ohio University's Halloween party, so I purposefully spelled Halloween with an OU. 

If you'd like to see more finished objects, head on over to Tami's Amis!



  1. Replies
    1. I figured I would tell the world that. Lol.

  2. love the speckled elephant! great job!!

    1. Thanks! I wouldn't normally do two different colors at the same time like that, but it's what he wanted and that's all that matters. :)