Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Nelson the Owl

Recently, I bought a kit from Stacey Trock for a Valentine version of her famous pattern Nelson the Owl (the link in the caption goes to the pattern's Ravelry page). I'm really excited because this is my first Nelson and he's 100% wool! Such a worthy investment in buying the kit. I'm even considering putting beads around the heart that will go on his chest! We'll have to see though.

Well, that's all for now! As usual I'm linking up with Working in Progress Wednesdays over at Tami's Amis and the Yarn Along over at Ginny's!
Enjoy your Wednesday! 

Friday, January 25, 2013

Little Steps Go a Long Way

Hey guys!

I don't have many FOs to share with you think week, but I wanted to show you a few things.

I made this coffee sleeve back in December, but I just got around to taking photos of it right now. It is the same pattern as the first coffee sleeve I made, and I still love the pattern just as much. I've discovered that I cannot use a knitted coffee sleeve while wearing the mittens my sister made me for Christmas however. I greatly fear dropping my coffee because of the yarn-on-yarn contact, and have to use both hands or take off a mitten. Oh well! Even small steps toward a greener life makes a huge difference in the long run, right?

I also made new door tags for my residents this semester. They're keys, and I love them. 

Well that's all I have this week. As usual, I'm linking up with Tami's Amis. Have a blessed Friday!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Happy Friday!

It's finally Friday! I'm so thankful that God has sustained me through such a long and stressful week of classes, and that it is a four day weekend! Praise the Lord!

I wish I had some FOs to share with you this week, but alas, due to school I was unable to accomplish any crafting whatsoever. I have been reading a lot though! Mostly boring essays for my literary theory class however. Oh well! Classes will get more exciting once we enter into our novels.

I most wanted to post today as a suggestion from Lisa over at Happy in Dole Valley, to inform everyone of how I fixed my Blogger/Picasa photo issues.
For everyone who did not know, I recently reached my data limit on the number of photos I could upload for my blog into Blogger's photo database, Picasa. I reached this limit rather suddenly and without even realizing it. I was very frustrated for a while because I thought that I would have to get a new URL for my blog and start over on another server, or pay monthly for more space. Considering the payment options were unclear as to whether the data you could purchase was another limit or if you received a growing amount of GB ever month, combined with being a poor college student, I decided to look into free options. I was at a loss however until Lisa, bless her heart, informed me of a blog post full of information on different photo hosting websites from which you can upload photos to Blogger to continue your blog as a free user. She sent me over to this blog post, and from there I learned how to upload photos onto my blog while avoiding uploading them into Picasa. All of my photos have been uploaded from ImageShack for my recent posts, and it was a really simple fix!

Well, that's all I have for today.
God bless, and have a fabulous weekend!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Long Awaited Christmas Wrap Up

Hi guys! I know it's been some time since my last post, but I finally got around to implementing some of the changes that Lisa from Happy in Dole Valley so kindly told me about. This is my first attempt at putting up photos again, so hopefully it works. Most of these FOs are from this Christmas, but two are from last year that I got pictures of this Christmas. Okay, here goes.

I'm pretty sure that I put this up a few months ago, but I made this elephant for my Grandma. She absolutely loved it. My favorite part though was that my Grandpa immediately put it in their Christmas tree. 

I made this dishcloth set for my cousin Ashley. She will be going off to college in the fall, so I thought that they would be a nice, practical gift. They were also super easy because they are purely Stockinet Stitch with a Garter Stitch border. 

I made these towels for my church's Angel Tree. They were pretty fun, but not my favorite to make.

I made this little elephant for my sister, Charlotte. She loved it, which makes sense because she actually picked out both the pattern and the yarn at the beginning of the summer. 

This was part of the Mystery Dishcloth Along that I take part in once a month. It was December's, and I gave it to my mom. I'm not particularly happy with it because it is kind of hard to tell what it is, but that's what you get with a mystery!

I made this Build-a-Bear sweater for my little cousin. It's her favorite color, and she absolutely loves it. I loved how easy it was to make! I definitely plan on making more sweaters soon.

I made this for my Grandpa. He loves simple hats like this, and my sister has made him two before this, and he loved it. I love that it only took me one afternoon to complete.

I actually made this for my Grandma last year, I just forgot to get pictures of it. I love the pink. 

This was also made last year, but for my Grandpa. He is always losing his glasses, so my sister and I made a matching set of cases for him. One for his house, and one for his camper. I made the green, and Charlotte made the brown.

I made this potholder for my Grandma. The color isn't exactly right in the picture, and my only complaint with the pattern is that it is very slow moving. Other than that it turned out nice and thick. 

This was made for my Aunt who absolutely adores Christmas. She loves the design, and immediately set it on display in her house (not the intended purpose for a dishcloth, but with her you know that's coming). The color is the same as the potholder, and I love the way it turned out. You know, except for the pictures. 

This hat was a Christmas present for myself. It was my first attempt at cables; I'm not afraid of them anymore! If I had to redo it I would make the diamonds  a tad taller, but other than that I'm super happy with it.

As usual if you want to read my notes or see more pictures, just click the captions for my Ravelry pages.
I'm so glad I got this picture problem taken care of. Thanks again Lisa!
Until next time!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Some Pictureless FOs

Hello everyone!

I hit my photo limit, so I unfortunately cannot put pictures on my blog of my FOs this week, but I will put the links to Ravelry if you want to go check them out yourself! I'm currently working on a solution to the problem, so if anyone has any ideas at all, please let me know in the comments!

Okay, so this hat was commissioned by one of my coworkers, Bentley, for her boyfriend's birthday in December. I've made this pattern before, so the most exciting part was when she asked me to create a "tag" on the inside with his name. She was so excited about this that I just couldn't say no.If you want to see pictures of that or read my notes, just click the link. 

This hat I made to kill time before I could begin my next project. It was just for stash busting, so there is no real purpose for which it was made, and there is a gigantic mistake near the bottom, but other than that I am satisfied with it. I haven't decided what I want to do with it yet. If you want to see pictures or my notes, just click the link!

Again, I apologize for the lack of pictures. I'm trying to find a solution, so if you have any advice at all about how to fix this, just let me know in the comments!

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Friday, November 16, 2012

FOs for Work!

New bulletin boards were due today. One had to focus on the holiday season (the one on the left) and one could be a board of our choice (the one on the right). For the my choice board, I chose to do one on studying for exams, since finals are quickly approaching in December.

I also made a scarf for one of my old roommates! She picked out both the pattern and color, and wanted to pay me for the project. I told her it was on the house because I love her (and I was not entirely happy with how it turned out, although she loves it). As usual, if you want to see more pictures or read my notes you can click the caption!

I have some more yarn FOs, but no one to model for me. I will be able to get pictures of those for you next Friday though!

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cowl Swap

For those of you who don't know, I am part of a group on Ravelry called Fresh Stitches, and a few members of the group are doing a Cowl Swap. Each participant made six granny squares and sent five of them into the event coordinator, keeping one square for themselves. Then the coordinator put matching colors together, and sent five new squares made by five different people back to the participants of the exchange. The squares should arrive Saturday! 
That's why I wanted to share this with you today. It will be the last Wednesday that this is a work in progress, as it will be an FO after Friday, and as soon as I get my squares. I'm so excited!

I'm still reading God's Heart for You. I hit a snag and haven't been reading lately, but I plan on picking it back up as soon as I can!

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