Friday, January 18, 2013

Happy Friday!

It's finally Friday! I'm so thankful that God has sustained me through such a long and stressful week of classes, and that it is a four day weekend! Praise the Lord!

I wish I had some FOs to share with you this week, but alas, due to school I was unable to accomplish any crafting whatsoever. I have been reading a lot though! Mostly boring essays for my literary theory class however. Oh well! Classes will get more exciting once we enter into our novels.

I most wanted to post today as a suggestion from Lisa over at Happy in Dole Valley, to inform everyone of how I fixed my Blogger/Picasa photo issues.
For everyone who did not know, I recently reached my data limit on the number of photos I could upload for my blog into Blogger's photo database, Picasa. I reached this limit rather suddenly and without even realizing it. I was very frustrated for a while because I thought that I would have to get a new URL for my blog and start over on another server, or pay monthly for more space. Considering the payment options were unclear as to whether the data you could purchase was another limit or if you received a growing amount of GB ever month, combined with being a poor college student, I decided to look into free options. I was at a loss however until Lisa, bless her heart, informed me of a blog post full of information on different photo hosting websites from which you can upload photos to Blogger to continue your blog as a free user. She sent me over to this blog post, and from there I learned how to upload photos onto my blog while avoiding uploading them into Picasa. All of my photos have been uploaded from ImageShack for my recent posts, and it was a really simple fix!

Well, that's all I have for today.
God bless, and have a fabulous weekend!


  1. So glad you got this all worked out, Jenn. :) I'm sure there will be others who encounter the same trouble and will be thankful to know just how to get around it! Happy studying! ~Lisa :)

    1. Thanks Lisa! And God bless your day as well. :)