Monday, June 4, 2012

Bear! (in a Jif)

Finally! I can actually post a finished project on my blog.

This little guy is Bear in a Jif (a Lion Brand pattern). He was made with some Vanna's Choice, stash yarn that was light green and white. The eyes are the same safety eyes that I used for Gromit, so I believe they are 10mm but, you know, unmarked Ziploc bag. Past Jenn really needs to keep better track of what she puts in Ziploc bags... Anyway. His nose was sown on afterward with Sugar 'n Cream cotton, black. Everything, even the head, is a separate piece that had to be sewn on later. If you wanted to I'm sure that you could change the pattern to make the head and body one piece, but I did not feel like attempting this, so I didn't. If you would like to see more pictures of him, you can here. I chose not to make the scarf that went with the pattern, and now he will be placed in my baby box to be cuddled and cherished at a later date.

So a few days ago, I found this adorable necklace on Etsy. The shop, Lolita Rose, sells beautiful vintage jewelry. I found a dove/flower necklace.

 See? Isn't it beautiful! Traci was really nice too and was willing to make the chain longer for me. It cost a little more (you know, chain is expensive!) but for this little thing, totally worth it!

This is what I received. She said that it came gift wrapped so I was expecting that, but the card was a nice touch! I love the little tag that says "hand made".

 Look at that; isn't she a sweetheart? I love my necklace so much!

If you want to check out her shop (and the link above did not work) to see what she has for sail, this is the business card she sent me. The package arrived quickly (well, as fast as dorm mail can arrive) and I wore it today. I will definitely buy from her again!

Until next time!


  1. Awesome work with the cuddly cute! I don't think I could ever make one so I have loads of respect for anyone who can! Very impressive. The necklace is cute as well. And yes, don't you just love good customer relations? People who take the time to show they care? Looks like she is running a good business! :)

  2. Cute bear. :) And don't you just love Etsy? So much wonderful talent over there!

  3. oh your bear is just adorable!

    and what a beautiful necklace you found! etsy is the best!!