Friday, June 22, 2012

Chicago Friday (and presents)

Hello! It's Friday again, which means that it's time to post a complete update about Project again. If you want to see the first update click here.

This Saturday, I went with some friends to the beach. 

We had a picnic...

Saw the magnificence of the Chicago Skyline, and enjoyed the clouds coming in over Lake Michigan...

And dug a colossal hole. I am 5'9" and it was up to my mid hips! It was intense! We filled it in before we left though. We heard that they flatten the ground each night and did not want the vehicle to get stuck in our whole.

So then Sunday we did an Outreach in both Millennium Park and Grant Park. We used Cru's tool Soularium to talk to people about their spiritual experiences in life. My partner was my friend Jaz who is in my Action Group. We only had two girls who wanted to talk to us, so the day could have gone better, but I did get some cool pictures of the Buckingham Fountain!

After Jaz and I talked to everyone we could in Grant Park, we joined the other half of Project at Millennium Park. It was a blast!

Our talk theme this week was Magnificent Identity. We had really good talks on both Monday night and Thursday night. Wednesday was again an encouragement night where we all shared good stories from the week. Tuesday night my Action Group and I made Brinner, Breakfast-for-Dinner. We had French Toast, Omelets, Fresh Fruit, and Smoothies. It was so good.

 As far as jobs go, I  have had three interviews this week. All said that I will know by this weekend or early next week so we'll see what happens.

Thanks for all the prayers! I really appreciate it.

As far as crafting goes, things are interesting. I have not been working on the KAL or CAL that I am doing with my sister. Instead, I told my roommates (I have three) that I will make them each something out of the Vanna's Choice Easy Crochet Critters craft book. I am letting them pick yarn out of my stash so the animals are not necessarily realistic, but they chose the yarn, and the animals are turning out adorable nonetheless.

This is the Walrus that I made Katelyn (she is my roommate who also attends Ohio University). The body is Sugar N' Cream cotton, the muzzle is left over Buff Red Heart, and the tusks are made from a yarn that I borrowed from one of my friends at school. The eyes are French Knots, and I embroidered on the nose before I sewed the muzzle on, unlike what the pattern said to do. If you would like to see more pictures, take a look at my Ravelry page. Katelyn named him Bruce.

 My roommate Rachel wanted the elephant. He is made with left over Lakeside Tweed from Lion Brand. The eyes are again French Knots, and I did double crochet for the ears instead of the half-double that I was supposed to do. I only sewed each leg on once! I was so proud of myself! If you would like to see more pictures, here is the link to my Ravelry page.

My third roommate wants the lion, but I have yet to start her project. So far they are shaping up to be six hour ish projects at max, so you'll hopefully see it next week!

Until next time!


  1. Great pics Jenn! Thanks for keeping us updated and best of luck with the interviews/job-hunt.

  2. Please teach me your crafty ways. I so badly want to knit/crochet, and I stink :(

    1. I would love to teach you when I come back to campus for sure! :)

  3. I am in love with those toys! Also, Kiko just texted me a picture of that massive fountain today and said they found it... Coincidence? He would say not.

  4. loving the toys! that walrus is just the cutest little guy ever!
    great shots of chicago - how fund to have a picnic at lake michigan. and digging a giant hole is always fun! :)