Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sheet Rug

Once upon a time, I was moving away to college. I wanted to make my dorm room homey so I did two things, I recycled old t-shirts into a quilt with sheet backing, and then I recycled the scraps from the backing into a rug. This is the story of how this rug came into being.

It began with nothing but scraps and a dream, and size 17 knitting needles of course. To make the sheet yarn I had to cut strips and slip them together in a way that was far too complicated, and since I am a perfectionist, when I got more sheets to finish the rug, I turned them into yarn the same way. However, I found a better tutorial here, but since I am using this link as the patter page for Ravelry, I'm going to make the link a little more obvious (because when I'm looking for a pattern anywhere I skip through the rest of the page straight to it).

To learn how to create sheet yarn, click this link:

And now for the rug.

Enough sheets to produce your desired size (I used 1 King and 1 Full sized sheets)
US size 17 36" circular knitting needles
Size Q crochet hook

Cast on 45 sts.
25 rows of Stockinet st.
14 rows of Reverse Stockinet st.
Switch colors.
14 rows of Stockinet st.
25 rows of Reverse Stockinet st.
Bind off.

Pick up loops around rug as you go.
Sc around half of rug.
Ch 1, turn.
Sc around half of rug.
Ch 1, do not turn.
Reverse sc around half of rug.
Fasten off.
Repeat around other side with the opposite color.

Completed, this rug is 3' by 2'5". Thank you Lisa from Happy in Dole Valley for reminding me to post a size!

Important Notes:
Remember when you weave in your ends to weave the sides of the borders together.
Knitting and crocheting with sheets is difficult. Don't get discouraged if your muscles get sore or your hands tired. Just power through, and you'll come out with a beautiful rug!

That's all! I hope you enjoy the pattern.


  1. I'm curious how big your rug turned out to be. Such an interesting way to put old sheets to a new use!

    1. I knew I forgot to put something in there! Thank you so much for calling it to my attention. I have added in the size (3' by 2'5") and tagged you and your blog as thanks! :)

  2. wow! this is completely awesome! now i want to turn all my bed sheets into rugs!!
    maybe i should take a trip to the thrift store instead...

    1. It was a great way to use up scraps from my t-shirt quilt. The pattern has not been test knit, and I lost the card where I kept track of exactly what I did, so I had to wing the pattern later. I do love how it turned out there. And it is super heavy!