Friday, June 15, 2012

New City, New Roommates, New Life (and a little crafting)

Oh my goodness it's been so long since I've posted! I apologize deeply for that. I've decided to make Fridays the day when I update about Chicago but, as the last few days have shown, our schedule is so jam-packed that I struggle to find time to even check my email for job offers let alone update my blog. I also need to invest in an Ethernet cord. There is only wireless in the lobby of our building, and even that is spotty at best, and I keep having to borrow my roommate's. Seems like a trip to Target is in order and will be completed as soon as possible.

So, as I'm sure you've all been waiting on the edge of your seats to see, here are pictures of my apartment.

This is our living room area.

 And the kitchen.

 The bathroom (I know the rug doesn't match but I made it and wanted to use it and my roommate was okay with it).

 This is my room. Pardon the mess; I'm still unpacking.

This is the view outside of my apartment window. UIC is also the campus to which my Impact Group goes sharing. 

 This is my sister plant. With where we are in the building it can only get light by sitting directly on the windowsill. Good thing it fits!

And now for the meat of the post.
Project is so fantastic. We each have a discipler (mine is getting married in January. Go her!), Impact Groups, Action Groups, our weekly meetings and trainings, and then our jobs. I don't have a job yet (pray that God will place me where He wants me soon please) so I spend my days in a meeting a 9am where we get encouraged in our job search, celebrate interviews/people who have found jobs, and discuss more places where we can apply. Then I begin my search. So far I've been out searching with my roommate Katelyn everyday but Sunday, Wednesday, and today, and we have applied at Navy Pier, some of the Magnificent Mile, and in Water Park Tower. Yesterday alone we applied at eight different places and gathered many other places where we could apply online (what I'm doing today). We come back from our search between 4 and 5pm, eat quickly, then move on to our evening activities. On Mondays we have a CSP (Chicago Summer Project) training, Tuesdays we have Action Group, Wednesdays we have a night of encouragement, and Thursdays we have a meeting to which we can invite some of the people that we have shared with throughout the week (Tuesdays-Thursdays. Every person goes sharing on at least one of those three days. I went on Wednesday). Friday and Saturday nights we usually have Project hang outs in the lobby, whether planned or we all just happen to be there. Sundays we have church. Talk about a lot to do.
Sunday afternoons and Saturday days I am, as of yet, unaware of what the plans are, but I can't wait to find out!

Knowing this, and even putting it all down, it is easy to see how I have been busy to the point of not having enough Quiet Time (I got some this morning though, Praise the Lord!), having no time to craft, and no time to blog. I'm glad I got a quieter day today where I could just relax, catch up on things, and apply online. And if you look...

I got a little crafting done yesterday! Not a lot, but I got to work on the CAL that my sister and I are doing. Remind me to post about our summer CAL and our summer KAL some other time. I'm super excited to share what we're doing to keep in touch and to invite you to create two baby blankets with us this summer.

Until next time!


  1. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, so. good.

  2. looks like you're getting settled in nicely!

    1. Thanks! I really like it here. I'm a small town person so it's weird to here myself say that, but I'm having a blast! :)