Friday, July 6, 2012

Another Week and New Leadership

It is Friday. It's hard to believe that another week has passed already, bringing new excitements, new challenges, and new goodbyes. But I'm getting ahead of myself. We need to start with last Sunday.

Last Sunday was just another normal day; church in the morning, lunch, Impact Groups at 5, chill for the night. The only difference was our team meetings. We've been preparing all week for staff to pass the baton of leadership to us (more on that later), and on Sunday we gathered into our project teams that we will begin as soon as staff leaves. I am on the Prayer Team for the remainder of project. I am taking this as good training for back on campus. I may be starting a prayer team back at Ohio University, I'm not sure yet and want to pray about it more. Either way, we'll see.

Monday morning was another job meeting, and then Katelyn and I stayed inside to recharge. Then Monday night we had pizza as a project, and our Monday night training. We talked about how to remain walking with the Spirit as life goes on and we made a Vision Plan for the initial, post-college years. If you would like to hear more about Monday, check out this post.

Tuesday also had it's own post here, but to recap, I went to Wicker Park with some friends and window shopped.

Wednesday I attended the last job meeting of Project, hung out with friends, and went to see the fireworks at Navy Pier. My friends and I viewed them from Museum Campus. I did not bring my camera, otherwise I would show you some photos of Chicago's 4th of July fireworks show.

Yesterday, I went to Starbucks with my discipler Jess to go through/create a Vision Plan for the rest of the summer and my next year at OU. Then we had dinner as a project, and had our weekly meeting. This one was a little different however.
At the end, the Staff Project directors called up our new, student project directors and leadership team. They will be in charge of our theme, what we learn in our Action Groups, and just about everything else. We prayed over them and each other, and then we were introduced to the theme and the book we will be studying for the last five weeks of project. Our theme is "I Am" and we will be in 1 John, learning and exploring more into who our Creator and Savior is. I'm excited for this.

Then that brings us up to today.
This morning I went to Starbucks with Katelyn. We had Quiet Time and I got an Iced Mocha.  Later today we have a job interview, probably our last one (seeing as we only have five weeks left here in Chicago). So if you could be praying for our interviews that would be fantastic.

And that is all. I'm sorry I did a terrible job of taking pictures for this week's post. I will do better next week.
Enjoy your Friday!


  1. Replies
    1. It was super good! The second time that I ever had an Iced Mocha (the first was yesterday).

  2. ha! charlotte's funny! now i want an iced mocha too!! :)

    good luck with your job interview!!

    1. Thanks! No dice on the job, but since it was so hot the manager bought us sundaes! The interview was at Ghirardelli so each sundae was almost ten dollars. They were so good, and TOTALLY worth coming out into the heat for. :)

  3. Iced mocha...num! I love Starbucks. :)

    Sounds like another full week for you, Jenn. So sorry about the job situation, but then, trusting in the Lord is the way to go -- He must have a different plan for your remaining weeks in Chicago; studying the Great "I Am" sounds like a wonderful way to spend them.

    Blessings to you! ~Lisa