Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Wicker Park

Well, today did not go as planned, but it was certainly a great day! My roommate Katelyn, my friend Jazz, and I, decided to go job hunting in the area surrounding Wicker Park. We had all packed lunches and we got there around noon, so we started with a picnic in the park!

As you can see, three beautiful young ladies were enjoying their lunch in the park. I want to say that we all had peanut butter sandwiches too, although I'm not certain on that. 

 As you can see, we had some pretty spectacular company. These three are only a portion of the animals that dined with us, and in the middle(ish) of Chicago! I was impressed. We felt like Snow White.

  This statue was near our picnic table. Not really sure what our friend Charles did, but he was a good and shiny friend.

 We read a little of 1 Peter, took some photos (I know, my face is great, right?), and then went on our way.

We stopped at a few small boutiques in the area and looked at a lot of vintage clothing. We also stopped at Myopic Books, a buy, sell, and trade little bookshop. They had three small stories, really tall shelves, and a TON of books. I was quite content in that store.
I was taking pictures of the store to show you guys, but then I saw a sign saying not to take photos, so I decided not to post any. There are a few pictures available if you click their link though.

Oh, and my KnitPicks package came today. Harmony Wood, size 7, 16 inch circular knitting needles, and two skeins of yarn. They are a magenta-ish pink color (called Fairy Tale) and are worsted weight. I believe that I will add a violet skein of Lily's Sugar N' Cream yarn to the group and make a Choose Your Own Dragon Adventure Amigurumi.  My nearest yarn store is Micheal's, so it sounds like a trip is in order!

All in all? It was a productive day. I enjoyed getting to explore a new part of the city and have a day out with my friends.


  1. looks like another fun day!
    your snow white comment made me laugh! :)

    1. Thanks! Katelyn was actually the one who said it. She's a riot. :)