Friday, July 13, 2012

Project Week 6 has Come and Gone...

Wow. Talk about a fun week! I never thought that not having staff here to guide us would go as smoothly as it did, but it went so smoothly that you could hardly notice (apart from the lack of loud children of course).

So Sunday. We went to church, had our first prayer team meeting, had our regular Impact Team meetings, and then we played Capture the Flag with water balloons! It was super fun and a great way to build community.

Monday was a very relaxing day. I did not really do anything until we had pizza as a Project that night, and then we had our first meeting without staff. It went well, and I learned a lot.

Tuesday was my first campus day without staff. I went sharing with my roommate Katelyn and we had several good conversations, and then we had a great Action Group that night (complete with delicious food cooked by our new Action Group leader, Jaz).

Wednesday I went sharing again, but I also had D time with my discipler. Jaz is also my new, student discipler, and I took a few pictures from the West Terrace where we had D time.

This last picture was taken from the place where we had the second half of our D time. Campus is really pretty for being mostly concrete.

That night, we had the weekly Encouragement meeting with a new Optional Prayer Meeting afterward. Both of these events were lead by the Prayer Team.

Thursday was my final campus day for the week. I went sharing with Katelyn and then Amanda. Amanda and I met this other Christian group on campus while we were out, and we stopped by their "Bible Talk" that afternoon as well. For dinner, we went as a Project to Taste of Chicago.

I had a footlong Corndog for dinner.
My friends had  BBQ pulled pork from the same place.
Then we pooled our tickets (we each only had 12) so we could get some dessert. I don't remember what it was called, but it was some sort of something that is supposedly six times sweeter than ice cream. It was really good. We also got some sherbert with our last three tickets.

Our weekly meeting also went well without staff. And today I have spent the entire day Skyping my sister. It's been fun. And we have officially made it through our first week on our own!

Other than that, I finished my commissioned hat this week!

Based off of this pattern, I used Heather Grey Red Heart yarn and it took me about four days. I made it for my friend Beachball (his real name is Tyler, but his last name is Beachy so he goes by Beachball). If you would like to see more pictures of the finished project or read my notes, you can visit my Ravelry page.

 I also finished this dishcloth. If you click the pattern page, you can see that I've taken several liberties. I used a different weight yarn, a different hook, and added a border, but overall I love the way that it turned out. If you would like to see more pictures, or read more closely what I did to create this dishcloth, you can visit my Ravelry page.

So that's the CSP12 update this week! I really enjoyed linking up with FO Fridays today as well.

Until next time!


  1. i'm making a blanket that looks very similar to your finished dishcloth (except of course my blanket is slightly larger)

    glad you had a fun week - bet taste of chicago was amazing!

    1. Oh cool! I'm sure your blanket will turn out amazing. :) And the Taste was amazing. All the food was super great.