Friday, July 20, 2012

Batman Week

Wow. This has been an eventful week. So much has happened in such a short amount of time. So, let's start with Sunday.

Sunday had the usual meetings and church, but we also had community time. Remember the water balloon, Capture the Flag tournament? This week's fun community time was a 90s themed dance party. I know, perfect. We had Ring Pops, those single Kool-Aid drinks, Boy Meets World, and not to mention great music to dance too. We had a blast. It was also great to see a lot of 90s dance moves as well as 90s clothes/hair. Unfortunately I did not have my camera at this event, but we still had a blast.

Monday my roommate Katelyn and I went to Michael's for yarn to begin our CAL. We're making this Easy Twisted Cowl. Mine is almost done (I am down to my last 10-20 yards of yarn [my plan was to use all of both skeins from my stash] and only stopped working on it because I was reminded by my sister that I needed to make this post), but my roommate's is only about half done. This is partially experience, but mostly the fact that I am working in the round while she is working flat, and she is changing colors while I am not. I will get you pictures of the finished object as soon as I can. Then Monday night we had our pizza and meeting as a Project.

Tuesday I went sharing with Katelyn, and we met this girl named Mayra. She is really cool, and although she was only on campus because she works there, Katelyn and I got to follow up with her on Thursday for lunch. Then we had Action Group together. Jaz made tacos. They were delicous.

Wednesday was basically the same on campus, although I did go sharing with my friend Alex. We met and shared with a guy, but other than that campus was pretty much dead (it's midterm week). Then I had Night with the Lord, where I watched a sermon with my roommates and journalled, had the weekly Encouragement meeting, and then stayed for the Optional Prayer meeting afterward.

Thursday was not any more eventful. I shared with Katelyn, and after following up with Mayra, we may have had one conversation, but I can't remember whether we actually had the opportunity too. It was a long day with few people on campus. For dinner as a Project that night we had tacos (I know, I know, tacos again. But it's okay because I love tacos), then we had our weekly meeting, and then I went to see the midnight showing of the Dark Knight Rises with some people from Project. It was longer than expected, and got over at about 3am, but overall it was really good. I would totally pay to see it again. And again. And again. It is truly a great movie.

And then today? Well, today I just relaxed. Spent the day inside, with some yarn and White Collar Season 3. Exactly what I needed after five hours of sleep and a headache all day.

Sorry this post is so choppy and lacks pictures. As I said, I have a headache. I promise I'll do better next Friday.



  1. Glad to hear your opinion of the new Batman movie; we're thinking of seeing it when it comes to the local $3 theater. Hope you have fun finishing your cowl. Sometimes a down day with yarn is just what a gal needs. :) Looking forward to seeing the finished project...



    1. It's finished now, and I hope to get pictures up as soon as possible. If I don't, I may just turn it into a finished object Friday and do it with Chicago Fridays. But yes, Batman is totally worth seeing, and I wish I could see it again!

      And yes, yarn was perfect. I was even just balling yarn last night and felt comforted and in a better mood. Amazing how it does that to a crafter.