Friday, May 25, 2012

Drum Roll Please...

It's come! The moment of truth, do I get an RA position, or do I not? It has been a long week full of waiting and prayer, and I'm glad to say it's over. And the decision is...

I got hired! I'll be working in Scott Quad next year and absolutely cannot wait! And the awesome part is that I will not have to walk up and down a hill several times a day to get to class or Baker; I'll just have to walk down to get food! It's so exciting!

My friend Kayla made me a little origami sail boat. On the bottom it says "You will be a 'sailling success' <3 you - Kayla" What a sweetheart!

And the best part about this placement? I get to work with a really good friend of mine. She is also a leader in Cru at OU and she will be one floor above me. And her floor mate is an RA who does not love Jesus, but Jesus is totally calling him. It's going to be so magnificent to watch the Lord work in his heart. :)

Anyway. That's all today. Have a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend and God bless!

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