Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A trip to the Yarn Shop? I think so!

Okay! So, this has been the greatest birthday ever so far. Since my RA class is over, I was done with class at 10 today. I watched an episode of Drop Dead Diva, then my friend Kelsey and I drove to Nelsonville to visit the yarn store. It was actually called The Little Yarn Shop.

This is the information for the shop if you are in the area and would like to visit. Ms. Graham has many brands of yarn as well as projects for sale that she made herself. There are pillows, bags, scarves, dish clothes, the works!

These are two of the brands she has available. The Snuggle was the original reason that the trip to Nelsonville was made. My sister, Charlotte, needed another skein of the white Snuggle. It is a super soft, bulky weight yarn.  I bought the Lanaloft for myself. It's worsted weight and 100% wool (get it? Lanaloft, like lanolin from sheep? I thought it was punny). Then we stopped in at a quilt shop across the street. On the way back, we found a fresh produce market. Kelsey bought some strawberries and peaches. They were so good! :)

When I came back I found a present trail from my roommate. It started with this...

...on the door when I got back to the room. I opened the door...

... to find a trail of post-its leading...

... to presents by my fishbowl! The boxes on the left are Peanut and Pretzel m&ms. The bag on the right has a Reeses cupcake in it.

Doesn't it look delicious? Such a sweet roommate. :)

Also, remember the mini Corn Hole set that my grandparents made me? I took some pictures of that too!

This is it. They made the board, painted and decorated it, sewed the little bags to play with, and the big bag to carry them all in.

Also, this is the lining for the bag my sister made me. As you can see, I'm getting some good use out of it already (those projects will go up when finished as well)! :)

Oh, and by the way. Graham was so excited when I was taking pictures by his tank.

 Here he is!
Look how photogenic he is. :)

Oh, and Zane was jealous that Graham was getting all the attention so here he is!

This is Zane. But he was more angry that I was in his space. See the puffed out gills?

Well, either way, so far this has been a fantastic birthday! Later tonight I get to play kickball with my small group from Brookfield Church, and then have Bible Study with Campus Crusade! I can't wait!


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